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The Pop Geek Back to School Playlist: Campus Jams

Set that alarm and start ordering those textbooks. That’s right; it’s that time of year again.  The fall semester is right around the corner! To prepare you for your bittersweet transition from life at home to life on campus, I’ve compiled an eclectic mix of school related songs.  Regardless of […]

The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Back to School

As much as you deny and ignore it, school is almost back in session. Suddenly, the grocery stores have massive amounts of school supplies for sale, people are driving down freeways with mattresses strapped to their car roofs, and bookstores are beginning to fill with students, signaling summer’s end. Looking […]

Top 5 Study Albums of Spring 2011

When it comes to study music, I always go for something light and relaxing that will clear my mind of stress, but not lull me to sleep. The following albums are my favorites for a soothing, mellow study session, with just enough upbeat tempos to keep you awake and focused. […]