Scholar of the Week: Robin Farmer

Scholar of the Week: Robin Farmer

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Robin Farmer! Robin is a graduate of Kaplan University where she majored in human services.

As an active member of NSCS, Robin’s favorite experience is participating in community service activities. “NSCS, to me, means community building. I worked for Safe Horizon helping Domestic Violence Victims get away from their abusers before I was a paraprofessional. I did this because I always wanted to help people out,” said Robin. “As a NSCS member, it is my duty to help the community in different aspects of life.”

Honoring the NSCS pillars of service and leadership, Robin dedicates herself to working in a career that helps others, volunteers and has even written her own book.

“I became a paraprofessional because I am a single mother of a child with a learning disability. This has become a passion of mine… helping disabled children see pass their disabilities,” said Robin. “I am also an author; my book is called Grandma Flora’s Chronicles.”

For upholding the pillars of service and leadership, Robin is our Scholar of the Week!

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