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What's Hot in Nail Polish: Trendy Tips for the College Chic

While college has no doubt made me more independent and decisive, I still have trouble knowing what nail color to choose, what the new styles are or when it’s appropriate to start wearing red again (winter, by the way). Well, have no fear because I’ve done the research and can […]

Creating a Smooth Transition into Campus Leadership

The spring semester (or quarter!) is my favorite time of year on college campuses – the student union is buzzing with excitement from soon-to-be graduates to service activities and spring festivals. This is also the core time for student government and campus club elections, leadership interviews and planning for the next year. Leaders […]

Twitter Without the Tweet

If you’re like me, you are (or were) skeptical of Twitter.  It’s confusing. There’s weird character usage like “@” and “#” and “hashtags” and “retweets”, all of which only made me more reluctant to start using Twitter.  Not to mention, celebrities and media have cemented the reluctance of would-be users […]