Hear Why Students Chose the UNL MAIAA Program

The UNL MAIAA program offers students the unique opportunity to obtain a graduate degree in business from a top business school and a guaranteed practical internship experience in the nationally recognized Nebraska Department of Athletics. Hear from currents students below as to why they chose to further their education and […]

The Importance of Renters Insurance: From GEICO

Spend now or save for later? It’s an age old dilemma that hits closer to home now more than ever because of the recent economic downturn. While deciding against buying a 52″ plasma television or postponing your Hawaiian dream vacation can be sound financial decisions, one corner we suggest not […]

PEARSON Give-Away!

    Are you ready for this week’s S2 challenge? Tell us and Pearson about the one professor that changed your life! One lucky winner will have their fall books from Pearson FOR FREE!!!!  


Oh how the time FLEW! ScholarCon 2015 was INCREDIBLE. From white parties, to undeniable creative energy, to the best speakers, to awards….we couldn’t have had a better time. As we prep for a recap, KIT on our Instagram @ScholarCon2015 & Twitter @ScholarCon!

Packing 101: ScholarCon Time

We’re not sure where in the world ScholarCon scholars are coming from (or if they’re taking a plane, train or automobile), but the universal truth here is packing is TOUGH. Allow us to make it easier 🙂 : 1. Big conference, comfy shoes. Yes, this is a no-brainer. No, heels/those […]

SameGrain + NSCS

SameGrain trusted their “crazy idea” and built a mobile app designed to privately connect people that share multiple in-depth areas in common. Through this partnership, NSCS students and alumni can now match with each other to see what they share in common, whether they are located in the same room, […]

ScholarCon-Best 3 Days of Summer!

ScholarCon exists to provide an engaging platform where scholars create a community driven by bold ideas and inspired action. Come together to meet smart, innovative and driven peers and figure out how to achieve your goals after college in this new, entrepreneurial, social media, and tech-driven environment. Hear from Spark Sessions, where […]


Get to ScholarCon

We want to get you to ScholarCon! All month long, we’re offering the BEST deal to get to the most influential community of bold ideas & driven action. Most importantly, we want to make your travel & cost as seamless as possible. Behold our fundraising guide!     Getting to […]