Easy Money Saving Techniques for Any College Student

We’ve all heard it before, from our advisors, our mentors and of course our parents: “learn to save your money.” Now that you’re away from home, you have probably started to realize saving money on a college students’ income is much easier said then done. In fact, many of you […]

The Truth About Publishing a Book (Is Not in a Movie)

At 12 I wrote a book. If you can call 300 pages filled with gobbledygook and slight incessant rants a book, then I wrote one. Of course it was horrible, but that wasn’t the point. The 300 page manuscript entertained me, and so I never stopped writing. At 14, I […]

Opportunity or Luck?

Do we get lucky when an opportunity presents itself, or is it the result of a smile?  In The Luck Factor (2003), the author, Richard Wiseman, PhD, states that “Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.” I truly believe that every success I have […]

Exploring Nonprofit Leadership

Have you wanted to get more involved in a cause, but you weren’t quite sure how to go about doing it? Do you want to leave your footprint on the world by helping other people? Then you may be a perfect candidate for nonprofit leadership. Okay, so what is the […]