Am I Ready for Life After College?

Around this time next year, I will be a college graduate. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the four years have gone by. I’m excited to see what my future holds but I’m nervous. Often, I think about how I will translate my four years of studying, writing papers, and […]

Transitioning from Mentee to Mentor: A Personal Reflection

The concept of mentorship has always been and always will be something that is hard for me to navigate and understand. A plethora of questions run through my mind when I even think about the word “mentor.” Questions like “How does one get a mentor?” or “Do I really need […]

So You Got A Passion?

When you’re five years old, the possibilities of who you can be and what you can do when you grow up seem absolutely endless. Your passions are expressed through fighting imaginary dragons with tree branch swords, baking mud pies, and building grand forts…and that’s all in a day’s work. It’s […]

How to Jump Start Your Career

Many college students begin thinking about post-graduation life during their final year of college, but to fully prepare for the “real world” it’s best to start early. Some people come to college knowing exactly what they’d like to do, while others (like me) face the uncertainty of not knowing. College […]

10 Apps for a More Productive Monday

We loved this post from Spoon University & thought you would too, scholars!  Classes, study groups, work, events, no sleep, coffee, procrastination. Sound like you? It’s super easy to be tempted to procrastinate when you feel overwhelmed (which is, you know, all the time), and it can be really hard to […]

Cheat Sheet 4.15

Oh hello, FRIDAY! So great to see you back here for the cheat sheet & the hours away weekend. It’s spring, gorgeous in most parts of the country & a great time to enjoy the outdoors BUT we have to advise you on SOME laptop time this weekend. We’re offering […]

How to Create a Compelling Resume for Any Industry

Spring is finally here! Warm weather, flip flops and graduation are all just around the corner. You may be gearing up for summer, but you should also be gearing up for your job search. For recent grads, putting together a first resume can be a daunting task. Career centers, your […]