7 Job Interview Tips to Help You Get Hired Now

NSCS is proud to provide you with helpful content from one of our amazing partners Nerdwallet. How you prepare for a job interview can be the difference between “You’re hired” and a rejection letter. To help you get the job you want, career counselors share these tips successful candidates have used […]

5 Steps to Prep for Grad School Applications

As a distinguished undergraduate scholar, your thoughts may turn to wondering what’s next for you after you’ve earned your diploma. If you’re considering grad school, here are our tips on how to get your application in tip-top shape. 1. Start early The most important part of starting early is taking full […]

NSCS Alumnus Saves Thousands

When we partnered up with LendKey, we knew we’d be helping NSCS members save money on their student loans, but we didn’t know they’d be saving so much! We caught up with Alum Member Jacob Gardner (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014) to learn about his awesome experience (and amazing savings) […]

The Real Final: How to Cope with Post-Graduation Stress

It has now been almost exactly a month since I finished my Bachelor’s degree in writing. After four years of nearly constant stress, I was so excited to be done and to feel myself breathe freely. However, I have to admit: I’m a bit devastated by the stress that is […]

When the Election is Over and the Confetti Has Fallen

We, as a people, accept that in many aspects of life there must be a winner and a loser. It is one of the most understood parts of any sort of competition. From the sidelines, we encourage those who participate with cheers, signs and, in an election, votes – whether […]

The Fund for American Studies: A Sneak Peek into NSCS’ Coolest Benefit

NSCS offers its members numerous benefits relating to travel, lifestyle, and academics. The DC Internships programs sponsored by the Fund for American Studies (TFAS) are some of our most notable academic benefits. These programs allow students to not only learn and grow in classroom and workplace environments, but also to experience […]

Life After College

Many people are probably wondering what life is like after you graduate college. Some questions that might be running through your mind may include: How do I get a job? What happens if I don’t get a job? (Probably one of the most terrifying thoughts). What if I don’t know […]