Create a Student Loan Repayment Strategy to be Thankful For

For some people, the season of giving thanks actually represents something that they aren’t all that thankful for – student debt.  November and December mark the end of many student loan grace periods, which means this is the time of year when recent grads have to start paying back student loans. […]

The Real Final: How to Cope with Post-Graduation Stress

It has now been almost exactly a month since I finished my Bachelor’s degree in writing. After four years of nearly constant stress, I was so excited to be done and to feel myself breathe freely. However, I have to admit: I’m a bit devastated by the stress that is […]

How to Jump Start Your Career

Many college students begin thinking about post-graduation life during their final year of college, but to fully prepare for the “real world” it’s best to start early. Some people come to college knowing exactly what they’d like to do, while others (like me) face the uncertainty of not knowing. College […]

5 Steps to Prep for Grad School Applications

As a distinguished undergraduate scholar, your thoughts may turn to wondering what’s next for you after you’ve earned your diploma. If you’re considering grad school, here are our tips on how to get your application in tip-top shape. 1. Start early The most important part of starting early is taking full […]

So You Got A Passion?

When you’re five years old, the possibilities of who you can be and what you can do when you grow up seem absolutely endless. Your passions are expressed through fighting imaginary dragons with tree branch swords, baking mud pies, and building grand forts…and that’s all in a day’s work. It’s […]

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

After endless hours of filling out applications, perfecting your resume and sitting through interviews, getting a concrete job offer is a huge win. It’d be easy to accept the first offer you get and run with it, too. However, it’s extremely important to take a step back and make sure […]

10 Apps for a More Productive Monday

We loved this post from Spoon University & thought you would too, scholars!  Classes, study groups, work, events, no sleep, coffee, procrastination. Sound like you? It’s super easy to be tempted to procrastinate when you feel overwhelmed (which is, you know, all the time), and it can be really hard to […]

7 Job Interview Tips to Help You Get Hired Now

NSCS is proud to provide you with helpful content from one of our amazing partners Nerdwallet. How you prepare for a job interview can be the difference between “You’re hired” and a rejection letter. To help you get the job you want, career counselors share these tips successful candidates have used […]