Spring Survival Guide

Scholars, you giving us the feels with your emojis. On social, we’re either seeing Spring Break    OR  finals…that means it’s time for the Spring Survival Guide. Whether you’re gearing up for an awesome, much needed break or you’re trying to crawl through finals, we have your back. Here’s some ways […]

Guest Post! Your Brand + Social-a REAL guide

Back in the day, all you had to worry about when it came to making an impression on people was interacting in person. But in the age of social networking, our image matters on multiple platforms, not just in real life. This age has brought about the term “personal brand” […]

Scholar of the Week: John

Meet our Scholar of the Week, John Eze Uzodinma! John is a student at the The University of South Mississippi & the proud winner or The Presser Foundation’s Undergraduate Award. Congratulations, John! John Eze Uzodinma, II, a music performance major at The University of Southern Mississippi, was recently Awarded The […]

Inside ISLP with scholarship winner, Gessica

Our partners & friends at International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) allow NSCS members to gain an international perspective on your career of interest and offer a lifelong advantage. Here’s Gessica’s story: Recipient Name:  Gessica Suffy Chapter:  Syracuse University ISLP Program:  Delegation on Medicine and Science in China “I am the […]

February Bucket List

February is upon us! If January was like the Monday of months for you, or like the appetizer to 2016, it’s time! While small, February is a mighty one. One of our goals over here is to ditch the busy trap & start setting some monthly bucket lists (thanks for […]

Inside ScholarCon!

Scholars, it may be freezing here in DC, but it’s ALWAYS sunny ScholarCon in Florida! We have our HQ Team of Carsen (our programs manager), Ciara (Our director of alumni) & Steve (our founder/CEO/fearless leader!) working HARD to make sure the Hilton Orlando is ready for us! Carsen, Ciara & […]

Is Chinese Philosophy right for you?

Can staying too on-course keep you from realizing a different dream? You find something you’re good at. You want to stick to it. But that might keep you from discovering something that you’re great at – and that you love. To learn more about how to balance practice and discovery, […]