Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for 10.7

Friday Fidgets Why playing with your hair and tapping your toes may actually be beneficial to your health. Cover Letters 101 This cover letter formula may be the trick to writing the best cover letter for your dream job. #Scholarships #Scholarships #Scholarships  Studying abroad next semester and looking to cut the costs? […]

Cheat Sheet for 9.30

Apps to help you Adult We get it. “Adulting” can be scary and overwhelming. These apps may make the transition to adulthood a little bit easier. TED to get you out the bed Why not get some motivating words with your breakfast in the morning? Check out some motivational and […]

Cheat Sheet for 9.23

Don’t Start Like This! Interested in starting your own business one day? Read what these founders had to say about some of their biggest mistake so that you can avoid them in the future. Ahoy! Don’t forget, scholars! The Semester at Sea Spring Award is closing on September 30th. Be […]

Cheat Sheet for 9.16

Beware of the scam!!! Students find that they are subject of ID and card thieves – here are some FAQs so that it doesn’t happen to you. Multitasking Turns out a lot more goes on in that brain of yours when you’re listening to music while working than we thought! […]

Cheat Sheet for 9.9

New year, new you, right? This week, we’ve focused on tips to help you start this school year off right! Listen to the FUTURE!!! Water proof? Dust resistant? Cordless headphones?! That’s right – the new iPhone 7 has been announced this week and we have some mixed feelings about it. […]

Cheat Sheet for 9.2

Happy Friday Scholars! If school has you super busy, take a moment to unwind with all the interesting things we found on the internet this week! Enjoy the long weekend! BAAACON Today is International Bacon Day. Here’s some fun ways for you (and your vegetarian friends) to celebrate! Skirting the […]

Cheat Sheet for 8.28

#nailedit Don’t let public speaking get the best of you. Follow these tips to nail your next presentation! $$ For Roadtripping Need help budgeting? Here are 6 apps that can help you keep more money in your pocket! Free Healthcare!!! Turns out laughter really is the best medicine. See how […]

Cheat Sheet for 8.19

Happy #Friyay Scholars! We hope you’ve had a great week so far. Here are some of the things that we’ve found interesting this week. iHola! Bonjour! Ni Hao! Thinking of learning another language? Find out why that might be a life-saver for people with aphasia! Dear Airbnb, you’re awesome. Airbnb […]