Freshman Disorientation

Remember freshman orientation? I am suffering from an acute case of freshman disorientation, that overwhelming sense of confusion and anxiety about what the future holds. I need to be honest with myself. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Actually,scratch that. If we’re being honest, I […]

Easy Money Saving Techniques for Any College Student

We’ve all heard it before, from our advisors, our mentors and of course our parents: “learn to save your money.” Now that you’re away from home, you have probably started to realize saving money on a college students’ income is much easier said then done. In fact, many of you […]

Meet in Person, Work Online: Tech Tools for Club Management

Running a successful student organization is complex. The key is combining the right leaders and providing them with the tools to do great things. A binder and highlighters are useful, but just won’t cut it for management tools, anymore. There are many FREE online tools that can help organizations to increase productivity, maximize […]

Smiling Soles

I think it’s awesome that 39,999 other people also thought it would be a good idea to come to the University of South Florida. However, lots of students need lots of space. And since skyscrapers aren’t all the rage yet this side of the Pacific, lots of space means that […]

5 Tips to Show Your Advisor Some Appreciation

March 31st is Advisor Appreciation Day. At NSCS, our advisors play a HUGE role in everything from fostering relationships between NSCS and schools to providing support to members and chapter officers. We owe major thanks to our advisors and use this special day to show our appreciation. Even if you […]

Let’s Talk About It

Japan has experienced some of the most devastating events of the year within the past two weeks. The earthquake and tsunami have caused unfortunate death and destruction. For most of us, we have no earthly idea of how serious these events actually are. All we can do is watch the […]