What is PACE?

Over the next several months, you’ll be hearing about NSCS’ signature program, PACE, a lot.  Whether you’re a PACE expert or it’s your first time hosting a PACE activity, we thought it would be a good idea to review the ins and outs of this program for the new school […]


11 Most Efficient Online Tools to Help You Boost Your Writing

As we all know, writing can be quite an interesting job. However, the process of writing itself can often be somewhat torturous, mostly because a good writer is creative person struggling with thoughts and emotions. Finalizing your piece of writing is not the end of your task. When a writer […]


Scholar of the Week: Stephanie Agard

Meet our Scholar of the Week, Stephanie Agard. Stephanie is a recent graduate of Hillsborough Community College where she studied Architecture. Stephanie’s favorite NSCS experience was her New Member Induction Ceremony. “I missed my first ceremony in October of 2015, but being able to attend the Induction Ceremony in spring […]


Scholar of the Week: Damilola Oyedokun

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Damilola Oyedokun! Damilola is a junior at University of Illinois at Chicago where she is studying Biomedical Engineering. Damilola is also currently serving as Treasurer of the UIC chapter. Damilola’s favorite NSCS experience has been UIC’s New Member Induction Ceremony. “When the new […]


Freshman Year: Expectations vs. Reality

In what will seem like the blink of an eye, you will suddenly find yourself packing up the past eighteen years of your life to leave for your first year college in a different city. If you’re anything like I was, this will result in a nerve-racking mixture of feelings […]


Scholar of the Week: Mckenna Kelley

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Mckenna Kelley! Mckenna is a Sophomore at College of Staten Island where she is studying Dramatic Arts. Mckenna’s favorite NSCS experience was her New Member Induction Ceremony. “I loved coming together on campus and meeting all the inductees!” she said. “It made me […]


Scholar of the Week: Vannary Kong

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Vannary Kong. Vannary is a senior at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where she is studying Political Science and International Relations. Vannary’s favorite NSCS experience has been being able to represent the society at events around the world. Vannary says that her NSCS membership […]