Scholar of the Week: Thomas Varkey

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Thomas Varkey! Thomas is a graduate student at Grand Canyon University where he majors in business administration. As a member of NSCS, Thomas’ favorite experience is serving his school community through NSCS. Thomas said, “Working with NSCS is awesome. Last year, acting with my […]

Scholar of the Week: Emily Ghena

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Emily Ghena!  Emily is a student at Grand Canyon University where she majors in biology, with an emphasis in pre-medicine, and a minor in entrepreneurial studies. As a member of NSCS, Emily’s favorite experience is having the opportunity to connect with all members […]

Scholar of the Week: Kelly Gorman

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Kelly Gorman!  Kelly is a student at University of Wisconsin- Madison, where she majors in marketing and management. As a member of NSCS, Kelly’s favorite experience has been the opportunity to make meaningful connections. “NSCS has been the feeling of community, both among […]

5 Money Mistakes Students Make Freshman Year

NSCS is proud to provide you with this content from one of our awesome partners Nerdwallet. No one expects you to have it all together your freshman year of college. You’ll probably end up losing your student ID, getting locked out of your dorm room, picking the wrong major and signing […]

Budgeting for College Students: Where to Start

College marks a significant transition period for many young adults — it’s a time of newfound freedom and the financial responsibilities that come with it. Whether your funds come from family, student loans, scholarships or your own wallet, you’ll need to budget for expenses like textbooks, housing and, yes, a […]

Scholar of the Week: Zachary Lipsitz

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Zachary Lipsitz!  Zachary is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, where he is a mechanical engineer major. Zachary’s favorite experience has been all the NSCS membership perks uses to enhance his academic life.  According to Zachary  “Whether it is scholarship opportunities, membership partner benefits […]

Scholar of the Week: Joseanne Lopez

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Joseanne Lopez!  Joseanne is a student at Morgan State University, where she is a sociology major. Joseanne’s favorite experience was serving as the immediate past president for her chapter.  “I worked tirelessly to make sure NSCS presence on campus was known by hosting […]