Scholar of the Week: Amanda Demackiewicz

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Amanda Demackiewicz! Amanda is a senior at Oklahoma State University, where she is a Microbiology and Biochemistry major. Amanda’s favorite NSCS experience was a three-week medical internship in Surat, India, she was able to attend through NSCS. “This experience not only broadened my […]

Scholar of the Week: Ashley Graves

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Ashley Graves! Ashley is a sophomore at Howard University, where she is a Management major. Ashley’s favorite NSCS experience has been becoming a mentor to a high school student through The Society of Torch & Laurel mentorship program. “I love being a mentor […]

Scholar of the Week: John Tawiah

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, John Tawiah! John is a sophomore at Arizona State University, where he is a Supply Chain Management major. John’s favorite NSCS experience has been serving as an officer at his chapter. “Since I joined the organisation, I’ve had the chance to communicate with […]

The Amy Shopkorn Student Affairs Award

The student experience on campus is essential to the success and impact of the overall collegiate experience at an institution. Mindful of the importance of engagement in student life, we created The Amy Shopkorn Student Affairs Award in honor of a former NSCS employee. Amy has over 15 years of experience in higher […]

Scholar of the Week: Jenn Garcia

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jenn Garcia! Jenn is a junior at California State University, Fullerton, where she is a Kinesiology major. Jenn’s favorite NSCS experience was “definitely the day that we created Halloween cards as a service event for children in the hospital who would not be […]

4 Tips for Online University Students

Online education gives you the freedom to earn your degree in the comfort of your home every day. With this freedom, it takes a significant amount of dedication to your studies to keep up. Here are four tips to help online university students stay on track. Keep in mind that […]

Why It’s Actually Cool (and Helpful) to Keep a Journal

There’s always been this certain stereotype that people who write in journals are dorks, but here’s why keeping a journal is actually a pretty cool thing. 1. It helps clear your mind. Whenever I have trouble studying or sleeping, it’s usually because my mind is busy visualizing random scenarios, old […]

Scholar of the Week: Jannice Newson

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jannice Newson! Jannice is a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she is a Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science major. Jannice’s favorite NSCS experience was cleaning up a sinkhole for one of her chapter’s community service events. “It was nice to go […]