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5 Steps to Prep for Grad School Applications

As a distinguished undergraduate scholar, your thoughts may turn to wondering what’s next for you after you’ve earned your diploma. If you’re considering grad school, here are our tips on how to get your application in tip-top shape. 1. Start early The most important part of starting early is taking full […]

What to Keep in Mind When Transferring

Have you ever been curious about the experience of transferring schools? Katina Buchanan, a 4-year college student at Kaplan University studying for her Bachelor’s of Social Sciences in Business Administration, shares her thoughts on the matter. “There’s nothing in the world that can be more stressful than having to make […]

Scholar of the Week: Alisha Saiyed

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Alisha Saiyed! Alisha is a student at Northern Virginia Community College, where she is a Computer Science major. Alisha’s favorite NSCS experience was when she attended her first General Body meeting. “I was taken aback by the professional, businesslike venue, and for the […]

Scholar of the Week: Jessica Walter

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jessica Walter! Jessica is a recent graduate of The University Michigan, where she was a Biology major. Jessica’s favorite NSCS experience was participating in an NSCS Alternative Spring Break. “Fellow members and I traveled to Atlanta, GA, to volunteer at an International Community […]

2016-2017 Star Status Results

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars has awarded the annual Star Status Awards to high-achieving chapters from around the country. The Star Status Program at NSCS is a reward system for chapters that are highly engaged. Every year, NSCS chapter officers develop programs and events to boost engagement on their […]

Scholar of the Week: Amani Abutaha

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Amani Abutaha! Amani is a junior at The University of Toledo, where she is a Human Resource Management major. Amani’s favorite NSCS experience was creating a Jared Box for the children in the hospital. “I had a great time picking out the toys […]

Scholar of the Week: Natasha Infante

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Natasha Infante! Natasha is an incoming senior at the University of South Florida, where she is a Biology major. Natasha’s favorite NSCS experience was being a mentor in the Spring 2017 Torch & Laurel Mentorship Program, which paired NSCS members with scholars in […]

Scholar of the Week: Dillon Mitchell

Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Dillon Mitchell! Dillon is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he was a Finance major. Dillon’s favorite NSCS experience was serving as VP of Finance and President of his chapter. “In addition, I had the special opportunity to serve as a […]