Author: TalkNerdy2Me

Six Service Projects for CSU Members

Colorado State NSCS Officers are offering 6 community service activities for their chapter members in April, including a book sale and an event called So All May Eat. You can learn more about their service activities in their March Meeting Minutes.

UCLA Members Feed the LA Community

NSCS Members from UCLA volunteered at the the Los Angeles Food Bank, a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to fight hunger in the Los Angeles community. Volunteers assembled packages to give to women, children, the elderly, and other hungry people in the community!

Shades of Glory: Designer Lenses on a College Budget

With spring slowly heading our way, it’s time to pull out the shades! But shopping on a budget and wanting to wear the perfect designer pair with perfect protection (news flash sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes) can be a hassle. Not to fret, there are simple alternatives to […]

Opportunity or Luck?

Do we get lucky when an opportunity presents itself, or is it the result of a smile?  In The Luck Factor (2003), the author, Richard Wiseman, PhD, states that “Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.” I truly believe that every success I have […]

Exploring Nonprofit Leadership

Have you wanted to get more involved in a cause, but you weren’t quite sure how to go about doing it? Do you want to leave your footprint on the world by helping other people? Then you may be a perfect candidate for nonprofit leadership. Okay, so what is the […]

Emission-Free Transportation Rules the School

Like many college campuses, the University of Southern California (USC) is a very large campus.  On average it takes around 20 minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other and in the middle of summer in LA, that 20 minutes can seem like a very long […]


I’ve gone bananas. Literally. Campuses tend to be divided when it comes to dining hall food – the ‘love it’ camp, or the ‘hate it’ camp. Then there’s me – in the ‘banana’ camp. As a college student with an allergy, dining halls are a puzzle of things that I […]

May the Force Be With You

I have a secret. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I sneak out and go longboarding for the sole purpose of watching the LARPers on the lawn.  To my knowledge, LARPing is a fairly recent phenomenon.  The vast contingent of students involved has shifted campus culture into the realm […]